Here are just a few of the letters and emails we have received from your colleagues who have used the Kettering Review to successfully pass their exams!
I would like to say that I used your home study materials and passed my TMC and Clinical Simulation exams the first time out. I have been a CRT for 24 years and just decided it was time to get my Registry finally. Thank you for your help. This means the world to me. I know you make your test and materials much harder than the actual exams to get you ready for anything. Thanks for the tough love. It really helped me.
- James Jessee RRT, RN, Sacramento, CA  
I passed the CRT, RRT written, and the dreaded clinical simulations using your Home Study programs. They just work. I also just recently passed the NPS, CPFT and the RFPT. Need I say more?
- James K. Tenpenny, RRT-NPS, RPFT, Wall, NJ  
Kettering Exam Reviews have been key to my success in passing the NBRC examinations for Respiratory Care. The first time I used Kettering was during my time in the respiratory program (2014). I purchased the home study program and successfully passed the Written CRT, RRT, and Clinical Simulation Exams on the first try. I recently bought the NPS home study program and completed it as recommended. Once again, I was successful and passed the exam on my first try. I have already purchased the ACCS home study program and plan on scheduling the exam for some time at the beginning of 2016. I am confident that I will be prepared with the help of this program. Thank you for creating such amazing programs and preparing us for these exams!
- Samuel A Mendoza, RCP, RRT-NPS, Moreno Valley, CA  
From one of our educators:
Thank you! We continue to see graduates completing school and passing their national examinations at the higher cut score. Our grads are earning their RRT credentials because of our faculty, curriculum, hospital experiences, and vendor partners. You are a valuable vendor partner.

I think we’re on our 5th year of using Classmate resources and in our 11th year of having your instructors conduct your review seminars four or five times per year on our campus. Our RRT take rate and RRT first time pass rate has skyrocketed since 2015. There’s plenty of contributors to the success of our grads and to the feedback that we’re getting from their employers. You should know that you’re an important ally to us. You’ve earned our trust. We’re in this effort together.
Anthony Filippelli, M.Ed., RRT
RC Program Director
Current assignment: 7 years at school which opened in 2006 
Initial PD at 3 Other RC schools dating back to 1978
One rule in life is: "Say Thank You often." Thank you Kettering Seminars for helping me become an RRT. Before the seminar, I failed the RRT exam 2 (many) times and I lost my confidence. After the seminar, I got my confidence back. I took the written RRT exam once and passed -- so proud of that -- and after two weeks, took the RRT simulation exam once and passed. Not only [have] I saved me a lot of money -- my employer refunded my exam fees for passing the exam. Wahooo!! Thank you 400x.
- Greg Gagni, RRT, Jacksonville, FL  
Thank you very much for your assistance. I tried one of your competitors first, without success, based on the reduced price. (You get what you pay for!) In the end, Kettering Seminars training materials proved to be the best. Without your help I don't believe I would have passed. I am a big fan and plan to use your company in the near future.
- Dwayne C. Thomas, RRT, Riverside, California  
I love your study material. Because of Kettering I was able to pass the CRT, RRT Written & Clin Sim, and NPS all within one month after graduating. I never would have imagined! Thanks Kettering! I'm not your typical person who sits down to write this stuff, but if you wanna spend less money by not having to retake exams, use this Kettering service. I now have a great job at two medical facilities. 1000 thank you's!!!!
- Larry Rodrigues, RRT, Newark, California  
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my ARRT registry with an 82%! I was on my last try. I had already taken it 3 times and this was my last shot, and because of you and your seminar, I passed!! I have since been telling everyone that I know who is about to take the test what a wonderful program you have going. I can't say thank you enough. You are awesome!!!
- B.G., Gideon, RT(R), Missouri  
Just wanted to thank the Kettering Family for the skills on test-taking and the knowledge that is essential for taking and passing the RRT. The information was great! Keep up the good work.
- Anita M. Murphy, RRT, Joliet, Illinois  
After 38 years in the field, and becoming Certified in 1972, I never thought I would sit for my RRT. Your program's course of study, and online exams, gave me the direction I needed to be a successful candidate. Thank you!
- Robert T. Jordan, RRT, Allentown, Pennsylvania  
I just want to start off by saying thank you to the Kettering National Seminars team. I really enjoyed the seminar and got a thorough understanding of all the concepts. My instructor was very polite, hilarious and caring during the seminar. He showed me the reason why I had been missing the questions on the test. I wanted to give up on taking my certification test, but a friend convinced me to go to a seminar and I'm glad I did. I had already taken the exam 3 times and only had one more chance before I lost my job. Taking the test for the last time was nerve-racking, but easy at the same time, because I knew how to answer the questions. Thank you once again Kettering. I greatly appreciate it. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!!!!
- Natasha Ellington, CRT, Dothan, Alabama  
I just wanted to ... thank you for all of your advice, help, etc. Your program is outstanding! I passed the CRT last year, the written RRT in March, and the Clinical Sims ... all on the first try. I know this would not have happened without all of your tips and pointers along the way. You helped me to determine, out of all of the information, what to focus on and what was more important than others. The clinical simulations on your website helped tremendously before taking the actual exam. ... I will highly recommend your program and look forward to attending more of your seminars for other credentials in the future. Please know that I also very much appreciate the time and e-mails from you (even after I attended the seminar) answering any and all concerns I had. Again, thank you very much.
- Jennifer Uhl, RRT, Powell, OH  
I passed my NPS exam on 9-24-10! I have been to many of your seminars, home study courses, and I'm the queen of token purchases. Thank you for caring and offering such a GREAT program. I'm very proud of our profession. I'm a better and more confident therapist thanks to all of you. I have the opportunity to interact with many students that do their clinicals at our facility. The first thing I always ask them is, "When do you graduate and have you registered for a Kettering Seminar? If not, get it done and do not even think about taking your exam until you have completed the review."
- Trish Debold, RRT, NPS, Glen Rose, TX  
I graduated from Respiratory Therapy School thirty years ago. I took the CRTT exam not long after graduation, but, although I was eligible, I never bothered to take the RRT exam... I've heard all kinds of horror stories about the RRT exams, and know numerous people who have failed each exam numerous times. I was more than worried, I was downright [petrified]. I took one of your three day review seminars last year...plus bought the [audio lecture set]. I took the Written exam and breezed right through it in less than an hour. I took the CSE and breezed through that in under two hours. Thirty years out of school and I passed them both on the first try. I owe a really big Thank You to Kettering National Seminars. Your seminar and the study materials you provided made it all possible.
- Michael M. Savitski, RRT, Newton Square, Pennsylvania  
Although I [was skeptical] beforehand, the seminar was great, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was nervous about taking the CRT, but throughout the seminar the speaker kept reassuring us that we would do fine on the exam. I followed the advice of the speaker, and registered and paid to take the CRT about a week or two after I returned home from the seminar. Still a little nervous, I stretched things out as far as I could, and yesterday, I took the CRT exam. I am happy to say that I passed the CRT exam, and I am now a CRT! I just wanted to say Thank You to you guys at Kettering, and tell you my success story. God Bless you all, good luck in future seminars, keep up the good work, and good luck to all the future test takers. If I can do it, so can you!
- Kevin Bowens, CRT, San Antonio, Texas  
I just wanted to say that after working in the field of respiratory care for 16 years, I finally passed the RRT!! This was the best investment. I was more focused after reviewing the online clin sims. I was confident and not nervous. I would recommend this to anyone who has major test anxiety!!
- Mincoya D Reed, CRT, RRT, Topeka, Kansas  
Just wanted to pass along that I scored an 84 on the PFT test on the first attempt! Crammed after work and on the weekends for 2 weeks. There was no way I would done that well without your study material. The audio lectures are awesome! I do PFT's at work but there were many areas of this test I have never dealt with. Thanks and will definitely recommend your products to others.
- Michael S., RRT, RPFT, Stokesdale, NC  
Last week I took and passed my RPSGT exam on my FIRST attempt. I was very nervous since I only work in the sleep lab every other month (due to other work requirements). I used your study material, listened to the audio, and studied the outline/suggested guidelines from BRPT. Thank you.
- Ruth M Austin-Soat, RPSGT, R EEGT, San Antonio, TX  
I just wanted to say thank you for a great NPS seminar in Dallas with Gary Dillard. We really enjoyed our time in class and feel like we have a much better idea of what to expect on the exam. This was my first seminar through Kettering and if they are all that good, I will for sure return. My co-workers and I truly appreciated such a great review.
- Emily Curtis , RRT, Overland Park, KS  
After 27 years and 3 days, I retook the registry in Radiography and PASSED!!!! Your seminar was wonderful, the instructor was terrific, and the online tests with the recorded tutorials were the best! Thanks for your help and especially your course!
- Donna Russell, RT(R), Pollocksville, North Carolina  
I wanted to let you know that I took the NAECB exam in August and am 100% sure I would not have passed it if I hadn't purchased your home study program. I studied everything I could find before I took the test the first time, including the EPR and still failed it. I just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great program.
- Kerry Babb, RRT, AE-C, Ft. Myers, Florida  
I passed my CRT!!! Thank you so much for the best customer service!
- Wai-Fung Sit, CRT, San Diego, California  
I have not worked as a respiratory therapist since 1988. I purchased your home study package and went to your 4-day seminar. I was required to re-take the CRT to be eligible for a license and take the RRT exams. Even though I haven't had clinical experience for 22 years, I passed all exams using ONLY your study materials! Your program is awesome!!!!
- Shyrl Allegretti, RRT, North Carolina  
Just wanted to let you know that I just successfully passed the CRT and Written RRT exams. As a new graduate, I do not believe I would have passed without the Kettering review and the practice modules. You have a great program and I am very grateful to you for it. I am buying more tokens for the Clin Sims so I can nail that one the first time too!
- Laura Pearman, CRT, Tampa, Florida  
I want to thank you for all the great information that I learned with the home study material for the CPFT exam... Your audio lectures were entertaining, as well as informative. I strongly believe I passed my exam because of Kettering, so thanks again.
- Jennifer Murray RRT, CPFT, Brunswick, Ohio  
I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic resources you offer candidates for the CRT and RRT exams. I attended the Comprehensive Respiratory Review Seminar ... and I'm thrilled to say that I have passed my CRT, WRRT and Clinical Simulations all within 10 days of graduation! Your study guides contained everything I needed to know, and the practice Simulations were beyond priceless. I felt that I was very well prepared going into my exams, and I passed everything with flying colors on my first try. I've recommended you to classmates, and will definitely use your services in the future when I'm ready to take the NPS exam!
- Elizabeth Temple, RRT, Palm Coast, Florida  
I am a Respiratory Therapist in Massachusetts and I have used your material for all of the exams I had to take and without you, I would never have passed. These exams were long, intimidating and difficult and without your support they would have been impossible. Thank you a million times over for all of the great information and tips you provided to me during my preparation for these exams. The CD's were fun to listen to and the workbooks were challenging and insightful. I will forever recommend your services and guidance to anyone else who might be preparing to take these exams. Thanks again!
- Lori Jessico, RRT, Dracut, Massachusetts  
I want to thank your seminar program for [helping me obtain my] RRT credential. Without your program, I would not have had a chance at passing. I was one of the thousands of registry eligible persons out there that never took the RRT test, and waited until the last second. Anyway, I took the test yesterday and passed the first time! Again, thank you.
- Gary Erickson, RRT, Ironton, Minnesota  
I graduated from the Respiratory Therapy program in 1981. My biggest problem ... was not only had I been out of school for so long and working part time, but I have been exclusively in the NICU for the last 20 years. Thankfully, our director brought your seminar to Childrens [Hospital]... Everything was almost brand new to me. However, your seminars and materials were concise, to-the-point and all-inclusive. I studied very hard and went by your guidelines. I took the Writtens and Sims ... [and] I passed both. Thank you for having these seminars for therapists like me!
- Peggy Hendricks, RRT, MBA, Cincinnati, Ohio  
Thank you all so much for all of the hard, and no doubt sometimes tedious, work that you accomplish to make the Kettering Program the success that it is. I just passed the Sim with an 80/82 score, and the Writtens with an 85. I could not have done it without your help. I have been a CRT from a one year program since 1980. I have been registry eligible since 1990. I have worked in a number of different hospitals over the years, both large and small. I can tell you that I now understand so many things in acute and intensive care that I didn't understand all that well before; hemodynamics, as an example. You guys did a great job of teaching me, and preparing me for the exams. Thanks so much again for your effort.
- Craig Wallace, RRT, Lebanon, Oregon  
I went to your seminar ... [and] I passed my CRT, Written Registry and Clinical Simulation exam on the first attempt on each of them. The seminar helped tremendously, along with the extras that I bought at the seminar. I bought the MP3 Playaway [audio unit containing the lectures] at the seminar, and I enjoyed the lecture notes from Scott McNeily. There [were] times I couldn't help but laugh out loud - he really made it interesting and easy to listen to. I couldn't wait to hear more, so I could see what he was going to say next. I thank you very, very much! I am very thankful that I had the oppurtunity to take your seminar!!
- Toni Daniels, RRT, Lone Grove, Oklahoma  
I'm sending this email to thank you all for the invaluable service you provide. I'm quite sure I would have had a much more difficult, if not impossible, time trying to pass the registered respiratory care simulations were it not for your online practice resources. ...You have found a way to guide the registered respiratory applicant through the labyrinth... Knowledge and experience are not enough. It took you and the service you provide to steer the test taker through the morass of rules governing patient management, within the fantasy world of the simulations, to emerge successfully with a passing grade. I am grateful and at $30 - it's a bargain. By the way, I do encourage new graduates to complete your seminar before taking the tests.
- Ivan Katz, RRT, San Francisco, California