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Recent Website Update

 ↬ I can't sign in. Certain buttons are not responding properly.

Most likely, your browser has cached pages from our old website. Clearing out cached pages will resolve this issue.

For example, to clear the cache on your iOS version 12 device, you can go into Settings, then choose Safari, then tap Clear History and Website Data. If you don't want to clear all history/website data, then you can scroll down and tap Advanced, then tap Website Data, and finally Edit in the top right corner. Find in the list that is displayed, hit the round red symbol next to our website and then select the Delete button that appears. That will get rid of cached website data for just Kettering. Close Settings. You may also want to close and reopen your browser.

On an Android device, click on the Settings icon, then select Apps. From the Apps that are listed, select your browser - for example, Chrome. Next tap Storage and finally the Clear Cache button. Close Settings. You may want to close and reopen your browser.

If you have an older device, the process to clear cache may be slightly different than what is described here. You can do a web search on how to clear cache for your device and the browser you are using.

About our materials

 ↬ Are the materials updated for the current exam?


 ↬ When is the next Seminar?
 ↬ Can I get the books before the seminar?
 ↬ How much does it cost to repeat the seminar?
 ↬ If I have the HomeStudy, can I get a discount to attend the seminar?
 ↬ Can I register for the seminar at the door?
 ↬ Can I pay my balance at the door?
 ↬ Is the Seminar approved for CE credit?
 ↬ Can I cancel my seminar registration after I've signed up?


 ↬ What is a webinar?
 ↬ What are the system requirements to participate in a webinar?


 ↬ I see the HomeStudy includes both the books and audio lectures. Can I get the books without the audio?
 ↬ Is the HomeStudy approved for CE credit?
 ↬ Can a HomeStudy be returned for a refund?


 ↬ Do I need a special form to register for the Seminar or to place a HomeStudy order?

HomeStudy Guarantee

 ↬ How does the Guarantee work?

All of our HomeStudy Programs are backed by a full 1-year 70% money-back Guarantee from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that you do not pass your exam, you have the option to return the material, cancel our assistance, and receive a refund, less 30% for processing, shipping and handling.

However, since the guarantee is good for an entire year, most people choose to keep the material and re-attempt their exam with our assistance, knowing they will still be covered by the guarantee, provided their next attempt is within the one-year period.

The guarantee applies to the individual named on the original HomeStudy order only. The complete package must be returned with a notarized copy of or the original document containing your examination scores before a refund can be issued. We must receive the package in our office within 7 days following the day you receive your failed exam results.

By keeping the material for more than 7 days following an exam failure, you have decided to continue using our help for your next exam attempt. You also qualify for our seminar repeat rates described under the Seminars section of this page.

Online Exam Practice: How does it work?

 ↬ What are tokens?
 ↬ Do I have to complete a module or simulation before I quit?
 ↬ Why does an NBRC simulation exam have only one score, but your practice sims have two?

Online Exam Practice: Problems/Solutions

 ↬ I'm having trouble playing the audio.
 ↬ I'm signing in, but the system doesn't seem to recognize me.
 ↬ Why is the system telling me my username or password are incorrect when I try to sign in?
 ↬ Why does the number of tokens on my account appear to be incorrect?
 ↬ Why aren't the history frames displaying properly for my clinical simulations?
 ↬ Why aren't the graphical images for specific questions being displayed properly in the module?
 ↬ Why am I getting the error: "Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page"?
 ↬ Why does my audio stutter? Why isn't my audio streaming properly to my browser?