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The national credentialing exams are challenging, and they require a solid foundation of knowledge, analytical thinking and test-taking skills to pass. That's where we step in!

We take what you have already learned and provide a comprehensive review of the concepts and skills you will need in order to pass the test and earn your credential. We'll even make your review an enjoyable experience!

We offer review courses to help you prepare to earn your credentials in the following areas. And you can earn Continuing Education credits with every course we offer.
  • CRT/RRT (Therapist Multiple Choice and Clinical Simulations)
  • RT(R) Radiology Technology Exam
  • ACCS (Adult Critical Care)
  • NPS (Neonatal Pediatric)
  • AE-C (Asthma Educator)
  • CCT (Cardiographic Technology)
  • CPFT and RPFT (Pulmonary Function Technology)
  • Sleep Technology


For 35+ years, we have offered two-day, three-day and four-day seminars all across the nation, led by our staff of highly-qualified instructors who have had many years of both practical and teaching experience. So far we've helped over 175,000 individuals prepare for the exam to earn their credential by attending a seminar. We also offer online webinars where you can "attend" the seminar right from home over the internet!

To learn more about what we cover during our review, as well as all of the materials we will provide to you, go to our Course Descriptions page. You can see where we will be holding our upcoming seminars by visiting Seminar Schedules page.
If you don't find a seminar in your area, we also offer you other options, such as organizing your own seminar! If hosting a seminar isn't for you, you should consider one of our comprehensive HomeStudy packages, with complete audio lecture series, where you will be able to study the material at home.


We understand some individuals are unable to fit a seminar into their schedules, or simply prefer to study on their own. So why not hold your own seminar right at home and work at your own pace by using one of our comprehensive HomeStudy review packages? For over 35 years, we've helped more than 100,000 people prepare for the exam to earn their credentials by studying at home! Each HomeStudy provides the same materials and covers all of the concepts and test-taking skills that you would receive if you attended one of our seminars. Each HomeStudy includes a professionally recorded audio lecture that steps you through the material, just like you were at the seminar. The audio lecture is challenging and informative - and we even make it fun to listen to!

So make sure you pass your exam the first time by using one of HomeStudy programs! See our catalog to learn more.


  • Practice questions for the CRT Exam, RRT Exam, ACCS Exam and Rad Tech Exam, with other exams coming soon!
  • Free Assessment Tests to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The types of questions you'll see on the real test so you'll know what to expect.
  • A detailed audio explanation of the answer for each and every question.
  • 24/7 access from any computer with Internet access, as well as iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices with an Internet connection. No need to lug around CDs or install special software on your computer.
  • Free samples so you can see how our question modules and simulations work before you pay a penny.
  • An excellent way to increase your knowledge, strengthen your weak areas and boost your confidence.
  • Join 170,000+ who have used our practice modules and simulations to help them prepare for their exam.


Content knowledge and test-taking skills are the keys to passing the multiple-choice credentialing exams. Our online modules will provide excellent practice in both of these areas and are patterned to recreate the same testing experience as the actual exam. Each module consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. Questions are based on the current computerized exam content. For each question, a detailed audio review with explanations is provided after you have selected your answer.

A score report for the module is provided after you have completed it.

Go to the practice area for more information.

RRT Simulations

Our clinical simulations are designed to develop your critical thinking and patient assessment skills, as well as test-taking, problem analysis and decision-making skills.

The content level, length and feel of each of our simulations is designed to recreate the same experience found on the actual exam. As you become more comfortable with the computer testing format, you will be able to focus more on what is best for the patient and less on how the computer works. As on the actual exam, separate scoring for Information Gathering and Decision Making is provided at the end of each simulation. Once you complete the simulation, an analysis of your positive and negative choices is also produced. A complete review of the entire simulation using color-coded options will allow you to quickly see your correct and incorrect selections. A detailed review of each section will explain what was the best course of action and how you can improve your test-taking.

Go to the practice area for more information.
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