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* It appears that on occasion some Safari browsers are being incorrectly interpreted as Mozilla 0.0. If this is the case, you are probably receiving the browser warning in error. If you have Safari version 7 or greater, your browser will work when the updates are made to the server. We apologize for any confusion this warning may have caused.

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Browser Version Minimum Requirements
Google Chrome, version 31 and up
Mozilla Firefox, version 35 and up
Internet Explorer, version 11 or Edge     **(See note below about IE 10)
Opera, version 12.18 and up
Safari, version 7 and up
** Internet Explorer Version 10 will work with the server updates; however, you'll need to make sure a couple of settings are properly set in the browser. To check and/or change these settings, access the Tools option (often a cog wheel) in your Internet Explorer 10 browser menu and select ‘Internet options’ from the list. In the popup window click the Advanced tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the Settings list (to the Security section) and make sure ‘Use TLS1.1’ and/or ‘Use TLS1.2’ are checked. Then click OK.